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I'm Becky, 24 year old Florida native living in Colorado. Marathon runner trying to get back into running. I like to lift, and am currently working on "getting back on the wagon" for weight loss. I originally started this blog and lost 25 pounds and kept it off for a long time, then life happened and I'm up higher than my original starting weight. I do Crossfit, also. And I love Harry Potter.

This is not a weight loss blog, it's my blog and I talk about whatever I want including weight loss and food and boys and running and drinking and lots of pictures of myself. I have little to no filter when it comes to the things I say, I am kinda opinionated, so sometimes I'm awkward, but I'm pretty awesome.

Height: 5'2"

HW: 191 lbs

LW: 142 lbs (Sept/2011)

CW: 184.4 lbs (6/2/14)

Goal: to run fast and be healthy.

I love talking to new people, so if you have any questions just ask!

So this is a bit difficult for me to post.

I’ve taken many a “before” picture in the last few months telling myself I’m going to get better and go back to where I was around 2 years ago this time of year.

I have no semblance of abs or muscle definition anymore, and honestly I’m a little ashamed I haven’t been able to keep things up and keep progressing like I was.

This is me at 170-something pounds. 2 years ago I was in the lower 140s. I still think my body is beautiful and whatnot, but I do miss having that muscle definition I had before. Until this Thursday I hadn’t lifted or done any real strength training in about 3 months. It was just tough to fit into my schedule with all the running and working I do.

My goal is to change that and make the time to lift. Honestly that is what makes all the difference in how I look. As much as I love running it does absolutely nothing for me in regards to weight loss or changing my physique.

It’s just been hard seeing myself go down the slippery slope known as life and not caring much about my eating.

My hope with posting this is that I’ll truly realize how I look because I feel like I’ve been looking at myself and thinking I’m healthier than I am. My diet is not that great. I exercise, that’s the only “healthy” I have going for me. Also I’m hoping with posting this I will maybe see an improvement in this by the end of summer. Basically this had just been a confession saying hey guys I’m not doing all that great on the healthy train…

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