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I'm Becky, 24 year old Florida native living in Colorado. Marathon runner trying to get back into running. I like to lift, and am currently working on "getting back on the wagon" for weight loss. I originally started this blog and lost 25 pounds and kept it off for a long time, then life happened and I'm up higher than my original starting weight. I do Crossfit, also. And I love Harry Potter.

This is not a weight loss blog, it's my blog and I talk about whatever I want including weight loss and food and boys and running and drinking and lots of pictures of myself. I have little to no filter when it comes to the things I say, I am kinda opinionated, so sometimes I'm awkward, but I'm pretty awesome.

Height: 5'2"

HW: 191 lbs

LW: 142 lbs (Sept/2011)

CW: 184.4 lbs (6/2/14)

Goal: to run fast and be healthy.

I love talking to new people, so if you have any questions just ask!

I mean.. hot. I’m just really fucking sweaty. 2 and a half hours of capoeira, it’s Tuesday which is usually the fullest class day, and since it’s batizado week EVERYONE comes to get ready for it. Plus people are already coming from out of town. 4 San Antonio people so far. 

The class was so ridiculously huge today. It must’ve been at least 50 people in that room (which is the size of a small ballet studio room). Had about 4 inches of personal space around me. Even the intermediate class was big! Not as big as the beginner, but there was about 15-20 people, which is big for a regular intermediate class. 

ANYWAY, the room was hot, like, even with the garage door open it was humid, everyone was gross. It was lovely. 

(one of ) The awesome part from class, in one of our sequences, we had to do a macaco followed by a ponte (a macaco’s where someone squats down, reaches one arm overhead to the floor and then the rest of their body follows. Kinda like a slow flip, I guess. Google it. A ponte’s a back bridge). I have not yet managed to pull off a macaco (nor do I suspect I will anytime soon), and back bridges I can get into but I can’t get out of them. BUT- TODAY I GOT OUT OF THE PONTE! And it looked cool! This is such a win for me guys, because I’ve never been able to bend my arm the way I need to to get out of it because I lacked the upper body strength. BUT I DO  NOWWWWWWW. I’m claiming this as an NSV.

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