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I'm Becky, 24 year old Florida native living in Colorado. Marathon runner trying to get back into running. I like to lift, and am currently working on "getting back on the wagon" for weight loss. I originally started this blog and lost 25 pounds and kept it off for a long time, then life happened and I'm up higher than my original starting weight. I do Crossfit, also. And I love Harry Potter.

This is not a weight loss blog, it's my blog and I talk about whatever I want including weight loss and food and boys and running and drinking and lots of pictures of myself. I have little to no filter when it comes to the things I say, I am kinda opinionated, so sometimes I'm awkward, but I'm pretty awesome.

Height: 5'2"

HW: 191 lbs

LW: 142 lbs (Sept/2011)

CW: 184.4 lbs (6/2/14)

Goal: to run fast and be healthy.

I love talking to new people, so if you have any questions just ask!
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Talking to guys that have proven time and time again that they are boring as hell and not even all that interested in me. You’d think I liked feeling this way.

Note to self: he’s only fun when we’re drunk or on drugs. Two years I still can’t get that through my head.

This about my boyfriend and I so if you don’t care about my dating life then skip on.

John and I are over. Not voluntarily, really, but it’s for the best right now.

See, what happened was, we had been dating since July, we had some issues but it wasn’t ever really a break up. We still want to be together even now, but he finished his time in the army, and when he got out he had had plans (before he had even met me) to go live in Washington DC with his aunt and work for a friend that was with him in the army in construction type stuff.

Well, he did move, he hates it, but also when he left the army like a genius he joined the national guard in Maryland (he lives on the border of D.C.and Maryland), and now can’t leave. He quit working for his friend because he hated it and he hates living in D.C. but due to the contract he signed he can either cancel out and ruin his chances of joining the military again as an officer (his goal), or transfer to Colorado and add like 5 years to his contract. His contract over there is two years.

So, he’s going to do community college over there and when his contract is up is going to try and get into CU over here and finish his bachelor’s. We both agreed a long time ago that of he was going to move that long that we would break up because we’ve each tried long distance and if it’s for that long it’s stupid.

He moved in March, but things weren’t definite up until a few days ago. And he came back to visit me for a week last week and it was amazing but this is for the best. If he comes back and something happens between us, that’s fine, but best be friends until then. We’ll still visit each other but nothing permanent.

It’s really hard for me to picture dating anyone else besides him, or even being with another guy. Especially one a great as him. He had his flaws, but even with them he was better than every guy I’ve dated by a long shot. No one has ever showed as much caring, consideration, respect, and love towards me and my whole family. I’m going to miss him. A lot. But we’ll see what happens now…

Tl;dr: my boyfriend and I broke up due to long distance but now I’m a free agent…

Boyfriend is gone. He left this morning to drive to Virginia with his dad.

I keep thinking he’s going to come knocking on my door. But he’s not. He will come back and visit, and depending on whether I get selected for the marine corps marathon lottery I’ll see him then. Since he left the army and his family is in Virginia he decided to go back there. His main reason to move though was for a job that his friend is setting him up with, but now he was told that job might not be there. If that happens, I don’t know what will happen. He might come back, who knows.

But he’s gone right now. The future is unclear. I’m really sad.

My boyfriend and I kind of had a fight today. The original reason was dumb but then things got sort of to the underlying reason I was upset and blah blah blah he packed his things and left. Not everything, but pretty much.

We’re not broken up, but we (I) am seriously thinking about what we are doing in this relationship. Things are not what they were when we started. After he left and I cried for a few hours and ate like half a pizza, I wrote him a letter (and by wrote I mean typed him an email) saying everything I feel and what he makes me feel. Mostly I feel like he’s indifferent towards me and that if he wants to actually stay with me that I’m going to need a little more from him emotionally.

So I guess we will see what is going to happen. He’s moving in a month or so (leaving the army and moving home to Virginia) anyway, but either way, I needed to get everything out there that has been eating me up inside.

We will see.

He had to go “take a drive” I made him so mad.

I’ve been letting my insecurities out a lot in this relationship and I think it’s going to lead to the relationship’s end. I never have my feelings show and now that I do I am like, crying all the time.

There’s more to this but I don’t feel too good so I am going to stop.

I went on a date last night. I probably won’t see the guy again but he was nice and a yogi and he took me to Qdoba.

Mango taco salad with guacamole and zucchini squash veggies and OMG so so good and filling!

If someone wants you in their life, they’ll make room for you. You shouldn’t have to fight for a spot. Never, ever insist yourself to someone who continuously overlooks your worth.

I have realized I don’t need a boyfriend, I’m good with just giant comfortable long sleeve shirts. Seriously. Best things ever. I could just live in them forever.

Also, I love the Harry Potter books and movies so much. Never get tired of them. Watching Chamber of Secrets and it makes me so happy!

The Black Forest Fire is at 95% containment! God bless our firefighters.

My official day off is tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited!

Well, actually I could because Morgan is coming to see me this weekend!!! :D

Don’t like plans being ruined because one party involved just decided he didn’t want to answer his messages or calls. I gave him two chances a half hour apart.

We were going to meet at Jack Quinn’s and then he was like no there’s fires and he was like let me know when you’re done and I let him know and nope. Probably gonna use the “I fell asleep” excuse or something because he’s in the process of moving. Uh huh.

Boys today have just been dicks.


This one’s for the guys.

For too long I have given advice to my male friends consisting of “she’s not interested”, only to see them continually chase said estrogen. Turns out, SHE WASN’T INTERESTED. Therefore, I have decided to expose these “outs” girls use as a way to minimize hurt feelings (no, we DON’T want to be honest with you, it’s too awkward). So do us (and you) a favor, guys, and instead: TAKE THE HINT.

“Sorry, I’ve been busy!”

It’s an excuse. Women are busy, don’t get me wrong, but the secret is…WE ARE AWESOME AT TIME MANAGEMENT. If we want to see a guy, we will expand the particles of time and piece him into our day (we have that superpower). Unless the woman you’ve met is (a single) Michelle Obama, she has time…and will usually ditch her friends to make it so.

“I’ll have more time to hang out in a few weeks!”

No she won’t. You just aren’t priority enough for her to rearrange her schedule and make room. Another secret? GIRLS PLAN AHEAD. So unless she tells you a specific day and time, you ain’t seeing her. I can guarantee most women know what they’re doing for Christmas by July, so the fact she can’t commit to a day in the same month should be an indicator to move along.

“I’m not looking to date right now!”

She means, “I’m not looking to date YOU…at all”. Trust me, a girl will make it known she’s yours. Doesn’t matter if you’re moving to Tahiti for six months, this love-stoned (thanks JT!) girl is going to try and make it work. We LOVE to try, because females have an insane amount of hope in our veins (despite getting it stomped on by losers). If she thinks you’re worth it, she will date you, and date you hard.


“You’re such a good friend!”

This would appear to be the most obvious, but you guys still push it, don’t you? Just because a girl thinks you’re a “good friend” does NOT mean she wants to date you, sleep with you, or really, do anything borderline “couple-y”. Guys need to realize their female friends have boundaries, too, regardless of the length they’ve known each other. So stop being touchy-feely in public to make people think you’re dating, give your girly friends some SPACE! We’d appreciate it…and our boyfriends would, too.

“Hahaha! LOL! LMAO!”

Okay, so you have good comedic timing, but you’re not Vince Vaughn. Just because a girl laughs at your jokes doesn’t mean she’s interested in more. It means…wait for it…she thinks you’re funny! (Shocking, I know.) Girls want someone to make them laugh, but they also want to be attracted and connect with the guy. If she laughs at your jokes while you two are on a Disney cruise or laying in bed together, then you should already have your answer (and be pretty damn happy).

Guys, we commend you for wanting a relationship, but you must read the signs. Don’t waste more than a week on someone who says these lines and doesn’t follow through. If a girl likes you, she’s going to bug the shit out of you. Keep truckin’ along until you find someone who makes herself available, enjoys your company, and laughs at your jokes (naked AND clothed). It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Xo

Sorry to say that..yep. Have said all of this. I do need to learn to have the courage to flat out say “I’m not interested” though..

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Look at those time stamps. I’m bad at cropping so there’s repeats. But still. I hate when people resend texts like I didn’t get them. My not answering doesn’t mean that I didn’t get it and doesn’t mean it’s going to make me want to text you.

All of a sudden these guys have started talking to me and calling me cutie and cute and whatever and like I for real don’t want to be dating anyone. Unless they’re like, a runner and would run with me places or something. Because I don’t have the time or energy to go out with guys outside of that realm.

I know I’m interesting and whatever, but I just don’t want/shouldn’t be distracted right now. Every time you don’t want guys to like you, they come running, when you want them to like you, they run..away.

I don’t really like texting much at all.. Let alone texting dudes that just call me cute and don’t bring me any more conversation to work with. He seemed nice enough but, no..

I don’t want to be a jerk though. I really don’t like blowing people off. AHHH what do I do? I know this is just a stupid girl problem. Boohoo boys like me, poor me. But for real. Ugh.

Went to a Colorado Rockies baseball game. With Wes and his uncle. We were really stinking close to the field. I literally was like a foot away from getting hit in the face with a baseball. Also I ate cotton candy and a brat and fries and drank beer. This was my first baseball game being old enough to drink (haven’t been since I was like 10)

Fountains go off for home runs and they got two right as I was leaving. Rockies owned the Mets.

You receive a message on DailyMile from a person whose name matches the name of the ex of yours from last year that treated you like crap…

And the message turns out to be a message from said ex apologizing for treating me so bad and saying that I didn’t deserve it.

He had to like, stalk me to find my DailyMile, since I had him blocked from Facebook. 

Add on to the fact that said message was sent yesterday afternoon (only read it today), and last night when you were out at a bar with friends you ran into this ex but pretended not to see him. 

…and this ex is supposed to be in Japan. And you’re typically never caught dead in that bar, but the one time you go…

So yeah…that just happened. Wes apologized. And told me he was here for the week and gave me his number in case I wanted to talk. 

What do I do with this information (my sister says to call him, but what would I even say)?

I deserve to be someone’s first choice.

I deserve to be someone’s first choice.

I deserve to be someone’s first choice.

I deserve to be someone’s first choice.

Just… Reminding myself of that. Everything is good. Just a reminder.

The boy that I was seeing broke up with me Friday night. We were almost at 2 months.

He wasn’t mean about it and made sure I knew it wasn’t anything that either of us did, but he said he just didn’t feel like there was much of a connection between us.

And I get it. I mean we didn’t have a whole lot in common, and plus, I don’t know how much I can handle dating an army guy in the barracks where I could only see him on weekends. I didn’t really want just a weekend boyfriend. I liked spending time with him, but I think I just enjoyed having someone to spend time with and cuddle with and stuff. He’s a truly good guy, never said anything mean or disrespectful to me, I never questioned his motives.

I mean, if I really look at it: did I really expect to find love from a guy I met at a bar that I made out with upon only a few minutes of meeting him? He definitely surprised me by being so good to me, but in all, probably better he did it sooner rather than later. If he wasn’t that into me I wouldn’t want to force him into anything.

I have no ill will towards him, whatever girl ends up with him will be very lucky. Even after he broke up with me and we stopped talking, he later texted me letting me know if I needed to talk that I could call him that he’s there for me. He’s only the second guy ever that I’ve dated that has ever treated me so well. Even though we probably won’t hang out again, we decided to stay friends. It’d be nice to maybe spend time together in the future, just not anytime soon. I cried on Friday but since I haven’t cried, and I think I’m feeling better now. I have really good friends to lean on, and they’ve definitely made me feel better during this whole process.

My lesson: dear god stop going out with military dudes (but its sooooo difficult to do in a military town with 5 bases!).