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I'm Becky, 24 year old Florida native living in Colorado. Marathon runner trying to get back into running. I like to lift, and am currently working on "getting back on the wagon" for weight loss. I originally started this blog and lost 25 pounds and kept it off for a long time, then life happened and I'm up higher than my original starting weight. I do Crossfit, also. And I love Harry Potter.

This is not a weight loss blog, it's my blog and I talk about whatever I want including weight loss and food and boys and running and drinking and lots of pictures of myself. I have little to no filter when it comes to the things I say, I am kinda opinionated, so sometimes I'm awkward, but I'm pretty awesome.

Height: 5'2"

HW: 191 lbs

LW: 142 lbs (Sept/2011)

CW: 184.4 lbs (6/2/14)

Goal: to run fast and be healthy.

I love talking to new people, so if you have any questions just ask!
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On Friday marks 6 months since I started CrossFit. While I’ve made progress, I’d like to make more than I did these first 6 months. I’ve made a list of goals and made them “SMART” goals, with time frames and how I’m going to do it:


1. Reach 140 lbs (at about 185 currently)

2. Be able to run more than 3 miles pain free (can’t even do one)

3. Back Squat my bodyweight (1RM is 135?)

4. Perform a strict pullup (using black band currently, can only do 2 with green)

5. Be able to do 20 pushups without modification (can only do 2 right now)

How I will do it:

1. Eat healthy, only go out to eat or have outside food up to 2x a week. Avoid junk snacks. Go to the gym 4 times a week minimum.

2. Work on calf/hip mobility. Strengthen hips and calves and continue working with ortho/PT.

3. Work on squat technique, practice squats outside of Crossfit at least one time a week. Work on hip mobility exercises. Practice “third world squat” as part of mobility.

4. Practice pullups with the band, attempt to decrease compensation needed for pullups. Try jumping pullups/negatives 2x a week.

5. Follow one hundred pushups program, work on form. 3x a week practice outside of class.

When I will do it:

1. By end of October, see the 160s? End of January, 150s or 140s. we’ll see. This isn’t definite, as weight loss can be unpredictable as can I. Final deadline-ish will be next July. Of course, if I see improvement in my strength and whatnot I may change my mind about how I want to look and all that. We will see. I will weigh in once every two weeks as a check, and of course, clothes fitting better will also count more than pounds lost/gained.

2. Can’t give a timeline on this. Gotta go real slow, hoping by end of 2014.

3. January 2015.

4. Green band by end of year, one pullup by July 2015.

5. October 2014. I hope!

I’ve been taking progress photos, just to see where I am at, to see if eventually maybe there will be a difference. First picture is from January 5th (184.8 lbs) this year and second is today February 1st (187.6 lbs). Not really a difference, but the whole month of January I did mostly lifting and then the last week of January started Crossfit. 

Sure, the scale has gone up, but it is what it is. I don’t feel very different but I know I also need to implement more changes to my diet, like pay attention to what I’m eating and not gorge on all the things.

My goals for the month of February:

Crossfit 3-4x a week

Drink the entirety of my 2 L water bottle every day

Stop having the french bread that John brings every night

Actually watch what I am eating throughout the day

Run 2x a week

I don’t want to try to make too many changes at once because then I’m just setting myself up to fail. Baby steps. Also, February is my birthday month! 

Happy New year! I have not worked out* in like a week? 2 weeks? I blame the holidays. I’ve been lazy. But back to work. Went to the gym and am going to try “new rules of lifting for women” again.

Anyway I didn’t feel like typing my workout or what my new year’s goals are so here is a picture of all of that. And me :)

It’s super early, but with the daylight savings change I’m all confused about what time it would’ve been yesterday, but since I drank so much at the wedding I’m just up early.

Anyway, I do have two primary challenges for the month of November.

First, I am doing a 1000 push up challenge, and yes it’ll start as modified but I’m hoping it’ll evolve to regular pushups. I hate pushups but they’re awesome and I remembered that week where we did 1000 pushups in a week and I felt like I spent the whole week just doing pushups. Spread out through the month out won’t be as crazy but I think it will help.

My second primary challenge this month is to work on transitioning to be vegan again. I failed the first time because I started getting lazy with what I ate so I stayed feeling sick all the time. So I am assuming for at least 3 days of each week being fully vegan, and then slowly cut everything out all week. This will also involve my goal of adding at least 3 servings of veggies on my non vegan days.

So that’s it! Wish me luck!

Recap on April goals.

I never posted these on here because to be honest I didn’t want to admit to having been a failure at my goals like I have been many times in the past, but I thought I would share the aftermath.

Run 80 miles? Check. I ran 104 this month. Might be highest monthly mileage ever!

Lose 3 pounds? Also check. April 3rd I was at 170.6 and last I checked I was at 166.8.

Start/finish my online class, nope. I started it and am about halfway through but it’s pretty easy and am gonna finish it later today.

Read books. Vague I know. I read the second hunger games book and am midway through the third. So I actually did some!

Not for like, New Years, this is another set of goals. Specifically, the goals my trainer has for me for the month of January. He has high hopes for me. Definitely.

Goals for January by Trainer Matt:

Lose 8 pounds

Squat 95 lbs for a set of 10

Deadlift 115 lbs for a set of 10.

All stuff I’ve done before, but this time I’m doing things right.

Feasible? Yeah. Am I going to do it? Well, time will only tell!

I’ve been trying to post this allll day.

This was my yummy breakfast. It had all kinds of veggies in it including kale, which I’ve never had before. Didn’t really change the flavor since I was already having spinach, but still I felt super healthy.

Also in terms of positivity, today marks the first day of my re-entering the fitness world. This morning I ran out of time at the gym but I did some intervals on the treadmill this morning before work.

I got excited though, I am finally at 24 hour fitness and coincidence! They’ve just remodeled. So everything is all nice at the gym and it’s not the ghetto gym anymore! I’m going back tonight to lift. Happy happy. Will be going hard now that I have no excuses to not work out.

Plus at work they’re having a contest about weight loss and maintenance whatever throughout the holidays. Should be fun.

My goal: get back to the 140s. Which is a sad thing to want considering I spent so much time in the 140s wanting to get below that. Ugh. 149 by December 31st. Ish. You know it’s not really about weight though. It’s about fitting into my smaller jeans again because my current ones are old and falling apart.

You know, it’s been like, 4 days now, since the marathon?

I’m still slightly sore. I’m kinda worried about the side of my knee. The pain seems IT band like, but it’s like a twinge right there on the knee. It got pretty bad during the marathon and I still feel it going up and down the stairs. I hope it’s not anything.

So what I want to do once I am recovered is get back to my weightlifting and other non running activites. And I’m going to work on my cooking more because even though I’ve been pretty good (besides at Chicago), I know I haven’t eaten enough veggies and they are what fill me up.

And since I’m talking about goals and stuff I might as well bring up my weight issues. I’m back in the 160s. Could be just from Chicago and it will go away, but still. That bothered me. But what I want before I become an idiot again and sign up for another endurance race, I want to drop some pounds to improve my speed. And so my running clothes can fit again too. Plus with my EMT training I need to lift more anyway so I could be able to, you know, move patients.

Ugh I have so many goals all the time. Blehhhhh. I just want to be the best athlete/EMT/Becky I can be. I know. Cheesy as hell. Whatever.

tl;dr: I want to like, lift weights and lose weight and stuff.

I’ve been doing pretty great with my working out the last week, I’m exhausted. 

But the one thing that hasn’t been great- my sleeping habits. 

I’ve been going to sleep at like 3 in the morning then waking up at like 11 or 12 the next day. Not good. And I end up still being tired throughout the day and taking naps.

So my goal this week is to try to be in bed before 12:30am (hopefully earlier than that, but that way it’s a modest goal), and to be awake by 8am, 9am the latest. Though since I’m trying to run most days I’m going to have to be up much earlier than that. Which means going to sleep earlier. 

AND- avoid naps at all cost. Those really mess with me when it comes to my sleeping habits. 

That plus run 6 days in the week (around 20 miles over that span) are my goals this week.

First of July. 

Well, it’s past midnight so it’s now the second.

Week goals:

1. Go to capoeira. Every day*.

2. Run 4 times.

3. Swim? I’m not sure where I am with my gym situation right now but we’ll see. Mostly depends on time and gas money. And I have to take care of my mom because she was in surgery on Friday and since it was on both her feet I have to help her walk all over the house. She takes priority.

4. Do ALL my homework. No, for real. I’m on the fourth week now. HALFWAY through the semester. Fuck. 

*Provided there’s class and I don’t have to catch up on schoolwork.

Month goals:

Batizado for capoeira is at the end of this month. I’m gonna devise a mini daily workout revolving around my dive-bomber pushups for handstand pushups that will make me better. 

Build up to 13 mile runs? I don’t think I’ll have too much problem with this but since I’m supposed to be ultra training I’m super behind. That’s like a minimum distance. And at this rate I won’t be ready by September..

Ideally I’d like to be at least to 150 pounds by the end of this month. Not sure what I weigh today but it should be close to 156 pounds or so. Will take progress pictures at the beginning and end of each week to see progress, especially due to capoeira since that’s my primary objective right now and that will probably what I will see the most results from. I would say lifting but at this time I just can’t balance school, running, capoeira, swimming, weight loss, and taking care of my mom every day all while trying to find another job and stuff. And be able to do everything well. So yeah. This is happening. 

Katy just reminded me of it. 

Handstand pushups.

I want to do them.

They would be extremely beneficial for my capoeira training, and just core strength in general. Plus it would help me actually keep a handstand in the air with that kind of strength. 

I’ve already started working on how I’m going to try and get there.

Pushups all day every day! No not really. 

But yeah pushups. particularly dive-bomber pushups, since those are the closest to transition into them. And just other pushups too. 

Every time I’ve tried to do a handstand pushup, my head hits the floor and I can’t get myself back up. 

My goal is to be able to get there by end of August. 

Do ALL the pushups!

I’ve been less than awesome at training since last week. I worked out on Monday and Tuesday, then did the mountain on Friday but that’s it.

No outdoors stuff though this week with the fire going. Most of the trails are closed.

But I’ve also decided to be more weight loss focused for the time being. WIll still run, but I want to lose some more pounds before I get any more serious. My running times since I’ve started again have been much slower than usual, and I think it’s at least partially from the weight I’ve gained.

If I can at least get back to where I was at the end of summer last year I’d be happy.

I was on this website that helps you calculate what weight you want to lose and what day it could happen by if you lose it safely, and if I start now, by August I could be back where I was.

Weighed in at 157.6 today. At least it’s still down from where I was starting June 11th.

It SAYS that if I were to lose 2 pounds per week all the way through August that I could get to 139. Which has been one of my goals since forever. I doubt that will happen, but to get to the lower half of the 140s would be nice. So if anyone wants to join me that would be cool. Not gonna make it a “challenge” or anything because I tend to drop off on those, but still a goal.

And in honor of that and my vacation ending, I’m setting up some goals.

School Goals:

Stay on track with homework

Avoid procrastinating

Do at least an hour of school related work a day.

Training Goals:

Gonna start New Rules of Lifting for Women again.

Run at least 3x a week, and try to follow the training plan as close as possible because my running needs to catch up to where my training is supposed to be.

At least one run a week has to be on a difficult-ish trail.

I want to try the 100 pushups thing. Not go through the entire program, but I want to get 20 real pushups in a row again.

It might be a lot, but maybe 0 to 1650 again? Now that we have the outdoor pool going it might be more fun.

Finally, weight loss. It’d be nice to lose some pounds/inches. I weighed in today. Post vacation weight: 159 lbs. Not as much as I thought I had gained, but crap that makes like 15 pounds gained over just a few months.

Social life goals:

No more alcohol for the rest of June. At least. I don’t foresee that to be a problem because I won’t be having much of a life for quite awhile.

And..that’s pretty much it.

We get a free “FitPoint” assessment where you meet with a trainer and discuss your goals and stuff and how the gym can help us meet our goals. 

She conducted a 5 minute cardio fitness something test where my results were above average. No surprise there!

She also performed a skin fold body fat measurement thing, where my body fat was said to be at 32% (sad face), the measurement isn’t totally accurate but its a starting point. 

So I’m going to work on losing weight right now while I build my running base up again for ultra training. 

The trainer and I decided my goal is to lose about 20 pounds, which would put me in the mid 130’s. I would LOVE that!

I didn’t learn too much from the assessment, it was just discussing what I want to do, but she did look at my overhead squat form to see where I’m tight and not so flexible- apparently, it’s everywhere! I should go to yoga more. Or stretch once in awhile. 

A few things, actually.

1. Before my marathon this weekend, I was pretty set on just doing the half. It wasn’t til I got to the expo that I decided I wanted to wear that shirt that said marathon with pride, and decided I’d just do the full even though it wasn’t the best idea.

2. I weighed in today for the first time in who knows how long. The verdict: 153 pounds. I hadn’t seen that weight in…almost a year and a half. This is not good.

3. I’m still hanging around Wes even though we’re pretty clear that we’re not in a relationship. We just spend a lot of time together.

4. Last night was the first time sleeping in my bed in well over a month.

5. I have 20 weeks until my 50k ultra. Scary.

6. I really have not liked what I see in the mirror for awhile. Nothing really fits anymore.

7. I’m 10 pounds up from my lowest weight but it makes such a difference being so short.

8. Once my tattoo is healed enough I’m going to start running, and join that overpriced gym. It just has everything I love in it! Hopefully I’ll be looking better by the end of the month, because I’m going to Miami for 2 weeks starting the 31st.