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I'm Becky, 24 year old Florida native living in Colorado. Marathon runner trying to get back into running. I like to lift, and am currently working on "getting back on the wagon" for weight loss. I originally started this blog and lost 25 pounds and kept it off for a long time, then life happened and I'm up higher than my original starting weight. I do Crossfit, also. And I love Harry Potter.

This is not a weight loss blog, it's my blog and I talk about whatever I want including weight loss and food and boys and running and drinking and lots of pictures of myself. I have little to no filter when it comes to the things I say, I am kinda opinionated, so sometimes I'm awkward, but I'm pretty awesome.

Height: 5'2"

HW: 191 lbs

LW: 142 lbs (Sept/2011)

CW: 184.4 lbs (6/2/14)

Goal: to run fast and be healthy.

I love talking to new people, so if you have any questions just ask!
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I forgot to mention this on Friday, we did “Crossfit total” as our WOD, which is finding your 1 rep max for back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift. I PR’ed all of them!

160# squat

90# shoulder press

245# deadlift!

I am so proud of my deadlift, guys. Last time I tried for my 1RM was in February, it was 209#, that was like on my 1st month of Crossfit, now 5 and a half months later it’s 245. Also, I had done my 1RM for back squat like 2 weeks ago and it was 150, now I’m up to 160! So excited!

I forgot to post this last night, but yesterday at CrossFit I did box jumps with both the red and blue boxes! As a reference, the red box is 12 inches and the blue box is 8. When I started CrossFit I could only do box jumps with the red box, then last month I did them with two blues. At the wod when they were setting up, the coach was putting a bunch of random boxes together so people don’t have to get their own, and I was like, “but I need two blues!” My coach said,”too bad, we used them all” and I was like, “well, I guess I could try a blue and a red..” then I did the jump! I ended up using it in the wod. It was amazing! I was slow but did it!

Tl;dr: I did 20 inch box jumps for the first time!

Also, I’m surprisingly not hungover for the amount of alcohol I drank at my friend Stephen’s house last night. Last time I drank with him two weeks ago I was in bed all the following day. I did good! I’m happy because he keeps inviting me to hang out with his friends, I don’t have ANYONE who has been like that with me in.. a really really long time. It’s awesome having friends.

Oh.. and my (ex, current, I dunno) boyfriend John that moved away? He’s moving back here. Leaves D.C. today. Crazy!

I wasn’t even going to do it, but when one of the guys at the rack next to me, Johnathan #2, saw me giving up, he was like “come onnnnn try it!” and him and another guy offered to catch the bar in case i couldn’t do it.

But I did it!!!  

I also (full) cleaned 86 pounds, might have been able to do a wee bit more but ran out of time. 

Kind of forgot about my progress pictures this month.. so this was more like 6 weeks in between the last two photos. But of course, the rest of these has been a month apart since January.  

I haven’t really been doing anything too different, the last two weeks I’ve only gone to the gym a few times thanks to work. I took multiple pictures of my back this time to see if there really was a difference in my legs as it appears.. and yeah, there is a difference. 

Tomorrow I’m going to start doing Stronglifts 5x5 along with my normal Crossfit wods, we will see how it goes. 

Also, I know, my bed has only been made once in all these pictures..sorry. 

Guys, this was my workout today at CrossFit.

In case it doesn’t look familiar, this is Jackie, Angie, and Grace all in one wod.

Did it in 38:52 (that’s with the planned rest times).

Thrusters were with 35#, pullups were with yellow band, double unders were singles, and the power clean and jerks were at 65#. So dead.

Plus, at lunch I went to the gym and did 10-9-8-7…-1 pushups and pullups. For the pullups I used the black band! Win! Soon I will use it during the wods too!

Progress once a month since January. Forgot about taking the picture this month until June 16th, but hey i remembered. Was too lazy to find the pink sports bra, black one is the exact same as the pink one though. I like to keep these things consistent. About 7 pounds down from beginning of May. Now if only I would stop eating all my store brand nutella, I’ll keep progressing. 

And yes, I’m sunburned. And live in my new apartment now heeeeeyyy! 

Today was the first day that I have felt not huge in a long time. I still weigh about the same but with my new tank top I felt more confident.

Today at CrossFit, we did Murph. I luckily had a buddy Sheila that we did the whole workout together, we did it in 1:07:10.

For those that are unfamiliar with Murph, it is:

1 mile run
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 air squats
1 mile run

Rx is with a weighted vest, obviously I did not do that, plus instead of pullups I did ring rows and my pushups were on my knees. And we split the pullups/pushups/squats into 10/20/30 sets.

I’m exhausted, but I also tried kt tape for the first time for my Achilles and I don’t know if it really worked because it started coming off halfway through the workout, but running only hurt because of my out of shape-ness, not my Achilles! It’s a miracle!

My 2014 back progress. Last picture is from today. 

Once a month since January. 

I don’t see much change in the last two months, except maybe in my legs. 

January picture was pre Crossfit, February’s was like a week after I started, Now I’m at 3 months since I started. I liked the changes I was seeing when I started but it’s slowing thanks to my not awesome diet. So I’m going to work on “making abs in the kitchen” while still going to Crossfit. 

Plus I signed up for a weight loss challenge at work, and the prize is like 300 dollars, it’s a 3 month challenge, started on the 5th and will end 1st week in August. 

Happy Thursday!

Edit: the last two pictures were switched chronologically by accident, just noticed! Oops! Fixed it. 

Just because I felt really good (and sore) after my trip to the gym today.

Still working on liking what I see in the mirror, but it can only get better from here…

Math lesson from tonight:

85 kg + 20 lbs.

I accidentally hit my one rep max today at the gym!

It’s only 3 lbs away from my all time one rep max that I had three years ago!

Today’s workout at CrossFit:


5 (55kgs)-5 (75 kg)-3-3 (both at 75 kg+20 lbs)-3 (turned into one rep unable to do more 85 kg + 20lbs) on the 90s


12 min AMRAP:

750m Row Buy in

10 Deadlift (@ 121 lbs)

10 HSPU (I subbed db shoulder presses w/ 20 lb db)

I did 3 rounds + 18 reps.

Core: 50 weighted Sit ups w/10 lb weight

Guys I’m so proud of myself for that. I am so excited and glad I went and deadlifted today.

I forgot to post this last night, but it works out anyway to post today since its gun show Thursday!

Got to admit, I had not really checked out my arms much since I’ve started CrossFit, loving the progress I’ve been making. I know I haven’t been posting much, but I have been going to CrossFit every day I can, and last night I learned that as much as I love running, a wod with running in it is awful! Also if never yet done thrusters before so this was torture. When I was halfway through the second round I was like “how the fuck am I going to make it 3 more rounds” it seemed impossible. I think my weight that I was using the first 3 rounds was too heavy (45 lbs), I thought I could handle it but I had to drop it to 35 pounds for the last two rounds, it was:

5 rounds for time:

200 m run

15 thrusters

We did strength stuff involving cleans and hang cleans and front squats also prior to the wod, but that wasn’t nearly as impressive for me as I was hoping to be able to go at least a bit heavier. Oh well. I can clean 85 lbs which is cool.

Okay so there’s that!

Less than two months ago, I started CrossFit. After about a week, I was always like, “how the hell do people do anything exercise related after a wod?”

Well today, I did something exercise related after a wod. Mind you, it was athletic recovery yoga, but still!

And I found my 1 rep max for my shoulder press! 30 pounds more than my last 1RM, and I opened with that last pr weight!

Today was a good day!

It’s amazing how easy it is to get out of bed when you have no one else in your bed :/

Anyway, I went to Crossfit this morning, it was really hard, but fun!


12 mins to warm up and find

1RM Back Squat (I made it up to 135 lbs… it was really hard but I don’t think it was quite my 1RM, but for now I’ll take it!)

Then switch weight

2 min ME back squats @50% of 1RM (65 lb weight)


3 Rounds for time:

200m Run

20 KB Swings American 24/16k (I used 12 kg)

20 KB SDHP (12 kg)


5 x ME (maximum effort) hanging L holds

The metcon was way harder than I expected! I’m much worse at running than I’d hoped to be. It was a good workout though!

Progress from the last 3 months

January 2nd, February 1st, and March 4th. 

Weight between February and March basically the same, biggest difference is that today’s picture is after over a month of going to Crossfit and trying to eat well. 

Gotta keep going!

I am dead for the day.

I went to CrossFit today even though I went yesterday, John talked me into it (and no I don’t know what’s going on yet with him, he was at the gym when I was then we grabbed dinner but I don’t know.). I’m glad I did now, but during was death.

There was a 20 minute cap on the workout so I only made it through ten lunges before time was up, and instead of toes to bar the coach Dakota had me do v ups instead. And for the pre wod there was no weight on my sled, it was still heavy though. Pushing the sled is SO. HARD. I did not expect it to be as hard as it was. The workout was crazy hard. No one in my class finished expect for the guy that owns the gym.

Also, look at the hoodie I got online! I saw it and wanted it to commemorate my starting CrossFit. It says “train insane or remain the same”. I love it and it’s on my favorite color!

I’m really liking CrossFit. The workout is so hard and at the end I get such endorphins it feels like runners high (which reminds me I haven’t really run since last week)!

TL;DR: CrossFit was hard today and I got a new hoodie.