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I'm Becky, 24 year old Florida native living in Colorado. Marathon runner trying to get back into running. I like to lift, and am currently working on "getting back on the wagon" for weight loss. I originally started this blog and lost 25 pounds and kept it off for a long time, then life happened and I'm up higher than my original starting weight. I do Crossfit, also. And I love Harry Potter.

This is not a weight loss blog, it's my blog and I talk about whatever I want including weight loss and food and boys and running and drinking and lots of pictures of myself. I have little to no filter when it comes to the things I say, I am kinda opinionated, so sometimes I'm awkward, but I'm pretty awesome.

Height: 5'2"

HW: 191 lbs

LW: 142 lbs (Sept/2011)

CW: 184.4 lbs (6/2/14)

Goal: to run fast and be healthy.

I love talking to new people, so if you have any questions just ask!
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On Friday marks 6 months since I started CrossFit. While I’ve made progress, I’d like to make more than I did these first 6 months. I’ve made a list of goals and made them “SMART” goals, with time frames and how I’m going to do it:


1. Reach 140 lbs (at about 185 currently)

2. Be able to run more than 3 miles pain free (can’t even do one)

3. Back Squat my bodyweight (1RM is 135?)

4. Perform a strict pullup (using black band currently, can only do 2 with green)

5. Be able to do 20 pushups without modification (can only do 2 right now)

How I will do it:

1. Eat healthy, only go out to eat or have outside food up to 2x a week. Avoid junk snacks. Go to the gym 4 times a week minimum.

2. Work on calf/hip mobility. Strengthen hips and calves and continue working with ortho/PT.

3. Work on squat technique, practice squats outside of Crossfit at least one time a week. Work on hip mobility exercises. Practice “third world squat” as part of mobility.

4. Practice pullups with the band, attempt to decrease compensation needed for pullups. Try jumping pullups/negatives 2x a week.

5. Follow one hundred pushups program, work on form. 3x a week practice outside of class.

When I will do it:

1. By end of October, see the 160s? End of January, 150s or 140s. we’ll see. This isn’t definite, as weight loss can be unpredictable as can I. Final deadline-ish will be next July. Of course, if I see improvement in my strength and whatnot I may change my mind about how I want to look and all that. We will see. I will weigh in once every two weeks as a check, and of course, clothes fitting better will also count more than pounds lost/gained.

2. Can’t give a timeline on this. Gotta go real slow, hoping by end of 2014.

3. January 2015.

4. Green band by end of year, one pullup by July 2015.

5. October 2014. I hope!

Okay so I decided to not risk further injury and instead of doing the Garden of the Gods 10 miler (like I secretly wanted to do but shouldn’t), I did the 5k with my sister.

I’m glad I did it! My sister did really well and we shaved off like 8 minutes off our 5k time from St. Patrick’s day, still walking, and this race had big hills! And this year’s shirt (bottom picture) was much better than last year’s (see top picture), it was a tech shirt! I was very disappointed when last year’s was cotton (#runnerproblems).

Fun race!

Did a test run at Garden of the Gods to see how my Achilles is doing..

It’s not doing good. I used kt tape and everything but it didn’t really have an effect, luckily I am seeing the orthopedic doctor tomorrow.

I did still enjoy what I could run, I missed the running group that I used to run with last year, it was great to see them again. And I got a free lunch box from the pikes peak marathon and a pint glass! Not pictured: my chocolate frosted donut with fruity pebbles on it. Delicious! I shared it with my friend Alan.

My old trail! How I have missed it.

Today my favorite trail and I became reacquainted after a long hiatus.

3 miles done. I felt really out of shape, but it was good.

I am possibly looking at doing a marathon in the fall, so I am going to start incorporating more running for training. My only thing is figuring out a balance between CrossFit and running without hurting myself. Been doing research but everything keeps pointing to doing CrossFit Endurance workouts, which I’m kind of ehh about because I want to do the wods at my gym, not do something different from it.

Also, today was beautiful. 70 degrees out! But of course that means nothing in Colorado, we can have a blizzard tomorrow. But today was perfect! And look at my cool CrossFit shirt!

Do you think I have running shoe problem?

Especially with Brooks… only 3 of those shoes are NOT Brooks!

I might have spent a little more money than I intended today, but holy wow sales!

So for Christmas, my boyfriend got me a $100 gift card to my favorite running store. He’s been nagging me to go get stuff but I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Well, today I went. I got all those running things with exception of the shorts there today.

The running store (Boulder Running Company) had a get 3 pairs of shoes for $100 sale. Well, guess where the money from my gift card went. Shoes I got:  Brooks PureConnect 2, Brooks PureDrift, and Saucony Kinvaras just for fun. I got the drifts for my lifting mostly, because they can have a zero drop heel or whatever.

Everything else I bought myself, they had a buy 2 get one for $1 running apparel, so I got Moving Comfort bras for $25 each (which is a steal, as my other bra from that company cost me over $50 for 1 bra), and then I got the long sleeve running shirt for a buck. They only thing I paid full price for was the smart wool socks, and they were 16 bucks. I think I made of pretty well today at the store!

Also, I got the running skort yesterday from Dick’s sporting goods for 20 dollars, marked down from like 50, they’re Pearl Izumis and they fit better than any pair of shorts I’ve ever worn!

So.. Yeah.

Also today I went to the dentist for a replacement filling, on Friday I got a cleaning and I figured to just get everything done at once. And the big surprise today: he did a tooth colored filling! I’m so excited, I didn’t even know that was going to happen, now it only looks like I have one (which from talking to him sounds like I will need to replace that one in a few months as well)! And I got a haircut today, just a trim, but I like it :)

Super excited about everything!

30 miles away from 500 miles in 2013! Dammit!

But yay I almost hit 500 miles!

Ran a little more than a 5k in 45 minutes. Beautiful start to my weekend! It was 24 degrees out, but I ran in shorts because it felt “warm” from all the extra cold temperatures we’ve been having!

Very long, very cold 5k run!

I wore so many layers!

Underwear/sports bra
1 pair of wool socks
1 pair of knee high socks
2 pairs of gloves
1 pair of running tights
1 pair of “waterproof”  pants
Long sleeve shirt
Tech t-shirt
Running jacket
Weatherproof/fleece Columbia jacket
A scarf
Fleece headband
… and two beanies.

And I was still cold, but while I was running out want too bad! Took me 50 minutes to run because of the all the snow I had to run through, but I was wearing my new Brooks PureGrits and they did well at gripping to the ice and snow!

Things are “warming up” here in Colorado Springs! Our high temperatures have been like, 6 the last few days, and with windchill the temps have been in the negatives (Fahrenheit) 

Today I’m going to try and run with a running group in just a little bit and hopefully someone will be there and I won’t be on my own! If there isn’t anyone, well oh well!

Trying something new!

New shoes from Boulder Running Company, got the Brooks Pure Grit :)

They’re grippy and seem awesome so excited to try them on my run tomorrow!

Went on a 33 minute run today, 2.65 miles! A little more than yesterday and yesterday I ran for 37 minutes :) all about the little wins!

This is from this afternoon, but I ran 2.5 miles today on my lunch break! Longest I’ve run in a long time!

Ran two miles yesterday- no pain, but lots of trouble catching my breath thanks to my meeting out of shape.

Also yesterday I did two capoeira classes in a row, it felt great.

I had a vegetarian taco salad today it was delicious.

I deadlifted 90 lbs yesterday and squatted 65 lbs today. Slowly moving up in the world.

I’ve been feeling uncertain about my relationship with my boyfriend lately. I was feeling on the verge of breaking up with him because it’s been feeling like he has given up on wanting to do anything with me, I had decided I was going to give him a week and see if there was any change (i didn’t tell him this)… then Monday night he asked if I wanted to go up to a cabin in Glenwood Springs for the weekend. So he definitely surprised me. Things have been feeling differently with him and it just.. I’m hoping it is just a slightly rough spot. I’m approaching the longest I’ve ever been in a relationship with someone with him. We’re at 5 months (I’m not experienced at relationships lol).

I’ve decided diet-wise I’m gonna be “mostly vegan”. Most of the things I eat are vegan but there are times that I won’t eat if I’m strictly vegan and that is not good. I’m satisfied with this decision. Still getting all my veggies in so I’m happy.

I bought super cool compression socks this weekend and I’m going to try them while running tomorrow and see if they help with my Achilles issues.

If all goes and stays well with my injury I have decided I want to do this 4-race winter series that begins in January. And a spring marathon. Looking at either the Colorado marathon or the Greenland 50k, one of the providers at my clinic is a marathon runner too and I love her and I’m trying to get her to do these too!

Finally.. it’s getting cold outside. That is all.

My mom wanted to scope out this park for walking because it’s by our house, so she had me come with her so I could measure and get my “long” run in for this week. I’m for real working on getting my distance up again, I am trying to be as careful as possible here.. 
This is the furthest I’ve run in months. It was run walking, obviously, and I was doing good the first mile but the second I could shake this ache I had by my calf so I walked like 4 minutes straight. 
Still.. better than nothing!

My mom wanted to scope out this park for walking because it’s by our house, so she had me come with her so I could measure and get my “long” run in for this week. I’m for real working on getting my distance up again, I am trying to be as careful as possible here.. 

This is the furthest I’ve run in months. It was run walking, obviously, and I was doing good the first mile but the second I could shake this ache I had by my calf so I walked like 4 minutes straight.

Still.. better than nothing!